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Today I handed down my first ever 5 day ban on the Affiliates4U Forum that quickly turned in to a life time ban. A member who is now busy claiming on several other forums that he is being harassed by the moderators at A4U and even comically claimed that he never got personal. So I thought I would share with you the last PM I received just before the Moderator Team gave him, his life time ban. I hate to censor anyone, I believe in free speech but I don’t believe in giving a stage for complete idiots who treat others with contempt, judge for yourself.

**** you cu*ts, three admin just piled on me with infractions, you started this with your ****ing pathetic rep system, admin then deletes a post, then you all back her, and now three of you have sent me warnings, well I’m just sending one, all four of you can go **** yourselves, you harrassed me first with the rep system, then deleted my posts now you abuse and harrass me all four of you at the same time, **** you, all four of you, **** you, ban me iIm off, you cu*ts. All four, with warnings, you stupid ****ing *****s.


So if you want a ban, do a Lee. A4U is a forum full of Affiliate, Merchant and Network professionals and this is the very thing we are trying to nip in the bud with the new systems.

Note: the quote above was a Private Message to myself Supercod from Lee, the stars have been added by the forum system to blank out the swear words.

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  1. Lee McCoy

    Please bear in mind it’s not me! Gone are my days of playing “aggitate the mod” 😉

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