My A4U Expo London 2009 Not-Review

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I started writing out this big long winded blog post about everything at the a4u Expo and then when I got to lunch time of day 1 at the conference I was like, “is anyone really going to read all that”, maybe but probably not 😉 Plus let’s face it there have been far better round-ups written already.


Here are a few a4u Expo articles to read in case you missed them;

However as I enjoyed this years Expo a lot I can’t let it pass without saying thanks to all the team at a4uExpo/Existem who put on a very good event, at times it was hard to pick what talk to go to, many were highly entertaining and some very educational. Lunch time food on day 1 was awesome, and day 2 was alright but definitely a huge improvement on last year. I stupidly agreed to being interviewed by Chris and I will just say right now, I suck at live interviews hopefully enough that it’s not used any place 😉 Hint: what you think is a funny thing to say, never turns out that way, so don’t. I will be filing that under “lessons I have learnt”.

As I enjoyed their hospitality it would be frankly rude not to say a thanks to for the Ignite Party the day before the Expo started, to a4uExpo and co-sponsor DFDS Seaways for the Breakout Party and a4uExpo again for the After Party, yeah I know it’s included in the ticket price but some events don’t have these extra networking opportunities.

Ok and I will end with myself doing some free promotional work for a4Expo in Munich, I understand these fake candles cost Matt a few pounds but would like to highlight that others pinched them from the bar and for some reason I was the recipient of a few 😉

In My Head at 2am this seemed like a good idea!

clarke-lightsPhoto taken by Chris Clarkson @

Thanks again all, and see you in Munich 2010 🙂

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  1. Dom Hodgson

    Oh the memories,…. the fake candles…. its all coming back to me now….

  2. Matthew Wood

    Glad you had fun Clarke…

    We put more emphasis on the food this year but always hard pleasing and catering for 1,000 in such little space!

    As for our Candles …..We’re still trying to track down the other 78 that have gone walkies… so, com’on own up or at least post a photo of you with one folks! 🙂

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