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Some times in Affiliate Marketing some things just stand out like a sore thumb, it was only 2 weeks ago we had a forum member spam pages and pages of the blog section and today we have Affiliate Window rig what post should be at the top of the “Hot Members Blogs” section at the front of the a4u site. The post done at 1am this morning has managed to attract 13 back before 10am today and every single one of them is a member of staff for Affiliate Window, personally I think it’s a poor show, if day 17 of the Darwin project was that awesome to Affiliates they would back it. Sorry guys but this little stunt at the expense of genuine decent posts is not cool.

AW Backing Abuse

So if you’re reading this I urge you to slap the post back from where it came, view the post here and hit the “slap me” button.

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  1. BFG 9000

    Couldn’t agree more mate – Might I suggest that everyone ‘Backs’ this post too…..



  2. Clarke

    LOL no don’t back this post, it will take away from the good posts that need the backing. Back Kristy’s new one today that’s the posts we want to see on the front page 🙂

  3. Matt Bailey

    Whilst I agree to a certain extent, the whole backing thing is a bit of a joke anyway, as only a handful of people ever bother, and it’s generally the same people.

    It frustrates me that, as someone who tries to blog about relevant industry topics, I get very few backs whereas posts about a jolly in Barbados or babysitters at a BBQ constantly feature at the top.

  4. DarwinAW

    It is a total abuse of the back and slap system and its had the desired effect!

    Thanks to all.


  5. Kevin Edwards


    Lets face it, this is one blog post.

    It frustrates me that more networks don’t get involved in the forum and contribute with discussion, debate, post about developments in the industry so why slap a network that actively tries to do this?

    Also I echo Matt’s comments, too often genuinely interesting and relavant blog posts are ignored and allowed to slip by unnoticed.

  6. Clarke

    @Matt Bailey if people want to back something that is frivolous to them it’s their choice, personally I think things like Barbados incentive should be bloged about as for some Affiliates who are not making the big bucks it could well be the only time they get a chance like that. But I fully agree some good posts never make it on to the front page, but that probably tells you as much as how people use the forum and engage with the affiliates or promote the posts as anything else.

    @DarwinAW Thanks, I agree also 😉

    @Kevin Edwards Yeah it is one blog post, and I don’t agree with the way it’s pushed out more interesting posts including the one by Kirsty_Lena but it’s had the effect your looking for and I have helped this also and I am fully aware of that 🙂

  7. Jess

    Agree with Matt B and Kevin E.

  8. Jason Dale

    People from the same company backing a blog post… c’mon it’s not like affiliates have never asked their mates to give their own blogs a nudge now and again is it :o)

    It’s not on the same scale as some of the spam that appears – it’s topical – possibly a big event in AM – hopefully Darwin will live up to the hype though else Awin will look a bit silly otherwise.

    Relax man – it’s Friday!

  9. Clarke

    @Jason Dale far enough, as Kevin said it’s only a blog post however I feel a bit manipulated but then again it’s not the 1st and won’t be the last time. Look at the polls on the forum, some of them bring back strange results, and I have never said anything about who actually voted for what with them as that’s a secret even if some of what goes on is a bit dubious.

    However one thing is for sure, my visitor levels rocked today, seems people enjoy controversy more than “thank you” / “didn’t they do swell” posts. AW is one of the few Networks I like, just don’t want to seem them head down the path of a certain company that was bought recently, so I will keep calling it like I see it and as for Karma I will counter “negative” posts with “positive” posts, just not on the same day 😉

  10. Elaine

    sort of agree Clarke – just know if ourkev, ditzy, and Dave didnt’ back my posts I’d be miffed 😉

  11. the

    Slap away.

    Let’s face it, if A4u enabled us to have a “slap” button on our blogs, I’d have probably been slapped more. Actually, I probably wouldn’t have a “back” button at all if I could have users slapping me instead.

    “the” encourages you to go to A4u and slap the hell outta me!

  12. Clarke

    @the LOL good man, hope it is the “the” and not someone pretending to be the, in other news this has been a very busy blog day, think I am going to make this a regular feature now 😉

  13. the

    @Clarke Yep, it really is “the” mate.
    I was as suprised as anyone at the number of backs. I have spoken with AW about this and found out what went on.
    An email went from a boss right round the AW camp which was effectively a mass bollocking as someone had leaked something important. This email contained a link to the “the” post and everyone followed it. Those that realised it wasn’t an actual telling off, found the post amusing and backed it.
    The fact that all AW employees must use the AW logo as their avatar makes the number of backs look alot more suspect than it is. My traffic between 9 and 10 am was predominently from AW, and I got a helluva lot more visits than I did backs.

    I hope the surrounding events don’t detract from the actual reason for everything.
    I was lucky enough to attend yesterdays unveiling, and Darwin really is a very cool product. I know you’ll be very impressed. I can almost smell the fear from the other networks!

    This does underline a slight flaw in the A4U backs plugin though. When I set it up I was quite gutted that it doesn’t allow direct slappings by default, which would be far more amusing to me and more in the spirit of the blog.

    Your conspiracy theory did spark a pretty cool concept for another post, which I hope everyone takes with the usual pinch of salt. No offence is ever meant.

  14. Lol

    If you are forming a workforce to slap this back to where it came from then how does that make you any different?

  15. Clarke

    @Lol next time don’t post from your company’s network and apart from Thethe I don’t normally allow people to post who are not willing to put a name to the comment.

    As for what your saying, I don’t agree.

  16. hero

    I think the “issue” you raise is something very much to do with each person and not the company as much. Personally, I find it bad taste to be backing posts by my colleagues (or even mine!) as I don’t quite like the self promoting aspect of this industry. I know a lot of people who think the same. But there’s plenty of people who don’t have a problem with that, especially if they have been asked by their marketing dept to do so.

    It’s an artificial and superficial way of creating a buzz but it’s doesn’t hurt anyone, it’s just annoying, but such’s life.

    I find a lot of blogs and posts extremely interesting, such as Matt’s for instance. Do I back them? If I remember, I do. That doesn’t mean they are not worth a read any more than those backed by hordes are any better.

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