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It’s not often you come across great, interesting and funny podcasts that are made to the same quality as a radio program and I recently came across two, the 1st one I am going to talk about is Real Marketing Bull hosted by Bo Bennett (who I had the pleasure of working with online and learning from in the 90’s) and Ryan Levesque (who I have never worked with but sounds like a swell chap).

Why everyone in Affiliate Marketing should listen to this podcast?

This podcast is an education in the grey areas of marketing both online and offline, indeed it also informs you of what’s down right illegal but we all know what they are, right? The thing that’s great about the podcast, and part of the hosts genius, is that they talk about subjects in a fun way, your not getting a boring lecture you are basically eve-dropping on two guys who get on really well with each other, so well you would think they are partners 😉 (only joking guys but hey good to be comfortable around other men, I don’t judge, I just feel the love).

The Podcasts vary in length and while there has only been 9 shows so far, the topics have been mostly very interesting, and cover a wide range of topics. Now here is the thing the hosts are American and some of the slants on what is going on is from an American prospective but the thing is everyone in every country has these same issues with Marketing Bull to a greater or lesser degree.

Affiliates should listen because if you don’t have a Marketing Degree it would be fair to say your not fully trained on all the right ways to go about pre-selling products from Merchants you feature, now don’t get me wrong the UK has some of the finest experts in online marketing in the world but some of you guys reading this post will be fairly new and will have ideas like “I know, I will tell people on my site there is a sale on at X Merchant, when they have no sale on. Thats sure to get them to click and visit X Merchant” not only is that Marketing Bull but it could land you in hot water with the Merchant and Network, sure it’s good bait but when you switch it like that aka saying there is a sale when no sale is on, it could even land you a visit from Trading Standards and just so happens that the latest podcast was on that very subject, title is “Episode #009: The Ol’ Bait and Switch” and was published to iTunes last night.

You can listen to the Podcast right off their website at but best way to listen in on your iPod/iPhone as your walking to work, but try not to laugh on the train, you will look like a psycho 😉

It would be interesting to see if they do a Podcast on Affiliate Marketing Bull, Bo had one of the 1st online Affiliate Marketing Programs in the world, way before Amazon “invented” Affiliate Marketing 😉 I am sure they could twist my arm to help show a few examples of Affiliate Marketing Bull however to be true I can only think of a few things and even they are just mostly puffery (listen to episode #008 if you don’t know that term).

This is my 1st review of a helpful and interesting podcast, I have been listening to another for a couple of months now and I will share that one with you shortly.

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  1. Bo

    Hi Clarke! Thanks for the great ‘review’! Me and my heterosexual business partner, Ryan, have a great time doing these podcasts. We definitely do have affiliate marketing on the back burner. Any ideas you have on this would be welcome. Send to feedback at realmarketingbull dot com. Thanks again Clarke and great to hear from you!

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