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Mistyped Domain Names

Posted on 25. Nov, 2009 by .


Here is some advice about Mistyped Domain Names, this is relevant to Affiliates, Merchants and Networks, in fact anyone who owns a website. Here Is Why You Should Be Interested Last week I typed in our favourite Affiliate Forums URL but used instead of .com. Now I have Google Toolbar installed on IE (also […]

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10% Additional Sales For You

Posted on 06. Oct, 2009 by .


Affiliates have varying levels of technical knowledge, however, even those with minimal knowledge are aware that the tracking of sales via the affiliate channel can fail for a number of reasons if the Networks tracking technology is not robust enough to cover all contingencies. Examples of how sales may fail to track include, a Merchant […]

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Real Marketing Bull – Podcast

Posted on 22. Sep, 2009 by .


It’s not often you come across great, interesting and funny podcasts that are made to the same quality as a radio program and I recently came across two, the 1st one I am going to talk about is Real Marketing Bull hosted by Bo Bennett (who I had the pleasure of working with online and learning from […]

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Sales Lost to Great Design

Posted on 14. May, 2009 by .


What if you just spent thousands on a shinny new website and you noticed sales have dropped but not just by 1% or 2%, what if sales dropped by a whopping 15% and you don’t know why, what would you check first? Well oddly this happened; however not as dramatic to a merchant I work […]

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Networks Get Your Own Merchant Content Correct

Posted on 03. Oct, 2008 by .


I am getting sick of the heavy handed approach some Networks adopt if your content is out of date, even more so when it’s either the Networks own fault such as, the banner you are displaying has the wrong APR and it comes from the Networks own system. New to the list, is having a […]

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Debt Recovery for Scottish Affiliates

Posted on 24. Sep, 2008 by .


I will start by saying that this is in no way legal advice and you should always seek advice from a lawyer before you start legal proceedings against any company or individual. Also it’s only for Scottish Affiliates, I am sure English and Welsh Affiliates will have access to a service that is similar, however […]

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Who’s account is it anyway?

Posted on 20. Mar, 2008 by .


Today I was wondering how many Affiliates think the actions of users coming via their links have nothing to do with them. To illustrate what I was thinking let’s take 3 examples to show different sides to the story and how rightly or wrongly an Affiliate could be associated with delivering fraudulent transactions. The idea […]

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Cash-back Crooks!!!

Posted on 04. Mar, 2008 by .


Hey attention grabbing headlines. Love them or hate them you’re reading this are you not 😉 Well first of all cash-back site owners take a deep breath, I am not about to expose any of you as crooks, instead I felt it was about time I highlighted an ever increasing problem that has been generated […]

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Blogs are the answer to increasing your site traffic

Posted on 10. Dec, 2007 by .


Ok before I get every person trying to pedal there services jumping all over this article, blogs are not the only answer but they are the way forward and loads of Affiliates are seeing great results by using blogs in tandem with a “main” sites or indeed making your site from blog software, and the […]

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Not all Commission is Equal!

Posted on 14. Feb, 2007 by .


What’s this I hear you cry, something else for me to factor in when I pick a Merchant that is selling basically the same product as another Merchant, well sadly yes. It will also be something that you won’t really know is going on without really digging deep, as sadly the information is not always […]

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