Mistyped Domain Names

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Here is some advice about Mistyped Domain Names, this is relevant to Affiliates, Merchants and Networks, in fact anyone who owns a website. Here Is Why You Should Be Interested…

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10% Additional Sales For You

Affiliates have varying levels of technical knowledge, however, even those with minimal knowledge are aware that the tracking of sales via the affiliate channel can fail for a number of…

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Real Marketing Bull – Podcast

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It's not often you come across great, interesting and funny podcasts that are made to the same quality as a radio program and I recently came across two, the 1st one I…

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Sales Lost to Great Design

What if you just spent thousands on a shinny new website and you noticed sales have dropped but not just by 1% or 2%, what if sales dropped by a…

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Who’s account is it anyway?

Today I was wondering how many Affiliates think the actions of users coming via their links have nothing to do with them. To illustrate what I was thinking let's take…

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Cash-back Crooks!!!

Hey attention grabbing headlines. Love them or hate them you're reading this are you not ;) Well first of all cash-back site owners take a deep breath, I am not…

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Not all Commission is Equal!

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What’s this I hear you cry, something else for me to factor in when I pick a Merchant that is selling basically the same product as another Merchant, well sadly…

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