Affiliate Fat Camp

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Shortly I will be in Portugal and in about 24 hours Affiliate Fat Camp officially starts. However I hope it will be my first and last invite to “fat” camp, all going well I will look forward to “fit” camp the following year but hey it’s a bunch of Affiliates who are found of the drink away from wife’s and girlfriends for just over a week. What’s the chances of us actually sticking to it and coming out the other end a little fitter and a little less fat?

My bet is for the first couple of days it will all be taken serious and then the realisation that it’s actually hard work to get fit will sink in, at this point we will probably lose a few people to the beer. I am hoping to be one of them LOL 🙂

I am considering taking and uploading photos so my facebook contacts can see what we have been up to, but will make decision on that once I am in Portugal, however add me to your facebook if you want to view them search for “Clarke Duncan” not many of them around. The outside of the villa is covered by 8 cameras so their could even be a possibility of a big brother style live feed however Paul says we need to vote on that and it will probably be restricted to family members, we will see.

But is not all about exercise, there is a work element also and we will be discussing the great and the good of affiliate marketing, how things have changed for the better (and worse) and what the future holds and what we can do to be part of it and make it still the enjoyable fun business it’s been for several years now.