Back Me Baby, One More Time!

Posted on 09. Jun, 2007 by in General

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Well I have added my back me button from Affiliates4u, and now that I have seen it in action I have a few things for Tom to do to for it to work even better ;). Now that I have added it, please feel free to back any of my posts to get them a higher profile over at Affiliates4u, it’s always great to see backs and bumps from articles that people like.

2 Responses to “Back Me Baby, One More Time!”

  1. Lee McCoy

    10. Jul, 2007


    I’ve tried finding the code for the back me tool on the A4U site but canny find it. Any ideas?



  2. Clarke

    10. Jul, 2007

    Can’t remember where I got it, will ask Matt when I see him on MSN next, there is a page for it on A4U I just don’t think it’s linked up from any place.