24 Days to the Expo, yikes!

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Just noticed it’s only 24 days to the Expo, I am sure it’s not that soon! But yeah looking at the Affiliates4U site and the A4U Expo site it is indeed only 24 days left to go. Good news is that I just booked my flights, what I like about the Expo location is that I can fly right in to London City Airport from Glasgow and it’s just a quick light rail way ride to my hotel, normally most London locations are a pain to get to from Glasgow. Nearly forgot about the Hotel, and with 24 days to go no way will I get one of the hotels close to the event, but think again I just confirmed a place in the Novotel and that’s right across from the Expo so I be able to stager across the mornings after the heavy nights before 🙂

So guys, it’s possible to get a flight and one of the main hotels, just don’t leave it any later as it’s only just over 3 weeks now, you don’t want to be stuck in a hotel that’s hard to get to and from the events, mind you some of you lucky lot stay in London anyway so it’s just an underground and light railway trip away for many of you.

For more information, to book your tickets, find a hotel visit the A4U Expo site.

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  1. Affiliate Launch

    Yes it is getting close, Clarke. Like you just booked the hotel this week and thought no chance, never get in the Novotel, but checked and got a room no problem.


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