Affiliate Event in Bristol – Friday 20th July

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Well it’s getting closer, to the Summer Networking Event in Bristol. If you have not already booked your ticket for the event then you better rush on over to register as you only have until 12 noon on Wednesday the 19th July to say your coming, register here!

I have not been to that many events this year, however the last few years the summer events have been really good and surprisingly they manage to get the weather so fingers crossed this event is no different.

I will be as ever wearing my many hats (note: I don’t actually wear any hats it’s a figure of speech so if you’re looking for the guy with many hats then you might not find me LOL) and I will be looking forward to talking to people interested in working with Paid On Results as well as Merchants from other Networks that may be of interest to my Affiliate Company, UK Internet Sites. However best of all, it will be another chance to meet up with my many industry friends and talk a load of old cobblers 😉 These however often end up going down the path of some interesting business chatter 🙂

So if your coming on Friday be sure to say hello to me, if I know you already and you have loads of questions stored up for me, be sure to bring the questions with a drink and you have until I complete drinking said drink to ask and get replies. Note that if you’re the 10th person to bring a drink with questions don’t expect any great information at this point LOL 🙂

Looking forward to seeing you guys on Friday.