Business Cards are Dead!

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On Wednesday I was at the Bristol a4uexpo Road Show and had a really great time, it was like an event of old! However it was lacking a bit on Affiliate attendance so you can’t have it every way, however the people that did turn up and stayed the course until the early hours. I had a great time, made loads of new contacts and re-established old ones and I even seen a few people in a new (better) light!

Now what was interesting is that very few business cards changed hands, but is that a bad thing? Well I am sure a few people sent by their bosses will be asked so how many cards did you get? Well the new way to reply is, I only got 1, 2 or 3 cards but I am now tagged on Facebook, I can remember everyone I met, they are adding me as a new Facebook contact or have requested me to be added to theirs. It may look like I am very drunk, dancing away, spending your entertainment budget, I am in fact an amazingly great networker who might not have got the traditional business card but I have something better than that-a solid contact that I know on a personal level (well as personal as you can get while taking rubbish drunk).

So all you network and merchant staff that need to justify your expenditure send your boss to this blog post, educate them in how the Internet has change the Business Card for good!

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  1. Dave Macfarlane

    Good post, but don’t you need the business card to be able to recall someone’s name when you want to add them on facebook?

  2. Joe Connor

    Clarke, are you saying the CantBarsed boobie cards are going to have to be retired – I don’t think I can upload those to Facebook!

  3. Jules

    Hi Clarke, A convo I had with Keri (my eldest), she went out last week and met an old friend from school (who chatted her up and you never know he may take her off our hands one day). I asked if they exchanged phone numbers and she replied ‘no mum, you don’t do that anymore – you just say “add me to your facebook”‘ Seems I am ‘old fashioned’

  4. Clarke

    Hi Dave, well business cards are not really dead however unlike a business card something like facebook can remind you of the person and the good laugh you had, yes you might struggle to remember the last name of the person indeed I tagged many photos and found a couple I was not sure of but hey you know what, someone else tagged them for me. I am sure being photographed having a laugh and being plastered on facebook is not everyone ideal thing, you can always de-tag yourself 😉

  5. Clarke

    Joe, the CantBearsed Boobie Cards are a classic giveaway, I been threatening for years to have my own made but I am to chicken to do so, yet! P.s. Can I have a new one next time we meet, cheers!

  6. Clarke

    Julie, you would only be old fashioned if you didn’t have your own facebook page, in fact I think it was you that made me finally signup, you know it will never take on this facebook malarkey, ah crap it did.. time to work how can make money from it, oh already started 🙂

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