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Ok before I get every person trying to pedal there services jumping all over this article, blogs are not the only answer but they are the way forward and loads of Affiliates are seeing great results by using blogs in tandem with a “main” sites or indeed making your site from blog software, and the magic thing is they are free all be it you need to invest time in writing articles.

However it’s important to remember that a blog in isolation will not have the same impact as a blog that is talked about, quoted, linked to etc. Simply put if no one is writing articles that have your blog URL in them, your blog will go stale and die.

So how do you get other blogs, especially blogs in a “competing” space to link to your blog, well the hardest way is to write an article that is interesting and sparks a debate and you don’t always have to be controversial to spark a debate either. Some blogs offer weekly or monthly round-ups that will included articles of merit, you could look to start doing weekly or monthly round ups yourself so these other sites notice that your reading and giving articles they wrote a mention, this in turn will have them checking out your site. You could post a link to your blog article on different forums offering the forum users a chance to comment on your article in the forum as not everyone is comfortable posting comments on blogs. You could add your site to the many information hubs so your blog posts are showing next to other blogs in your sector, indeed many people use these sites to keep up with what’s going on as it is easier than visiting loads of sites each day and a great way to find article gems from sites you didn’t know about. Sites such as Facebook offer you away to syndicate your article and show your Facebook friends articles so if you have a lot of contacts on Facebook, try that out. If you have something of value to say on someone else blog, when you leave your comment be sure to fill in your name and URL as most blogs will leave these links in place so people reading your comments and who agree with you will probably click the link to see what else you have to say. These are all fairly basic things to try, indeed I should take my own advice and get going with a monthly article round-ups post 🙂

Before I end I can’t of course forget about good old link exchanges, either adding blogs you like, read or belonging to one of your friends. That’s pretty straight forward, everyone pretty much is doing that as put simply people that are interested in your blog will be interested in others on a similar theme and of course the same is true for the other site. However try and remember to refresh the list every few months, I am terrible for adding new ones but also don’t be scarred to give someone you know a nudge and see if they will add a link to you.

Not the most in-depth article on why you should have a blog and how to get more traffic to and from it but I hope for all you non-bloggers it has giving you a little food for thought. As an Affiliate having a blog gives you a bigger voice in the industry, good articles from even the smallest Affiliate can push a change for the better in this industry, so boost your sites traffic and get a voice all in one, start a blog today 🙂

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  1. purple

    Welcome back clarke, long time no blog post to read.
    I have to agree blogs are great, and I am still trying to learn how to make them successful.

    Also I find google seems to like blogs, as wordpress for instance is quite SE friendly out of the box, if you add various plugins you can make them even more friendly.

  2. John Lamerton

    “try and remember to refresh the list every few months, I am terrible for adding new ones but also don’t be scarred to give someone you know a nudge and see if they will add a link to you”

    Just refreshing my blogroll list myself today, so thought I’d give you that nudge to see if you’ll add me to your links page!

  3. Ralph

    Your right – Blogs have always helped our clients, purple agree with you aswell, WordPress is a diamond and with plugins can be made into so much more

  4. Eamon

    Interesting and useful article.

    Blogs are great (for increasing traffic). Above all, because they allow you to develop a brand (and the ultimate goal of a brand is that the brand get’s talked about: free publicity).

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