Networks Get Your Own Merchant Content Correct

I am getting sick of the heavy handed approach some Networks adopt if your content is out of date, even more so when it’s either the Networks own fault such as, the banner you are displaying has the wrong APR and it comes from the Networks own system. New to the list, is having a page talking about an offer that is no longer valid but when you go to the Merchants information page at the Network, the Network is also showing out of date and no longer valid information also!

So get your act together before you start giving out heavy handed emails, an example my wife received an email at 16:30 on Thursday saying that if a page was not updated by 12:00 noon on Friday (not even 24 hours) she will be booted out the program, a program she has been a member of for a few years doing a few sales (sorry she not got brand bidding rights so makes it hard to do the big numbers). I mean really is that the way to act about 1 page out of thousands that simply was forgotten about when the offer had expired (no codes just old fashioned page saying how great the merchants deal is). Please don’t get me wrong here, I do and would expect anyone to update something that’s out of date when given reasonable notice of at least a few days but maybe that’s too reasonable for these new breed of hot head network staff that act without thinking. Lacking the skills and understanding of this industry and the people in it, and don’t realise when they spam you day in, day out with nonsense emails and phone calls about rubbish offers they also emailed and posted on the forum, that maybe, just maybe it would be easy to miss the emails that are actually important since you have started to switch off to the drivel they think is working. In this case they also called when my wife was out picking up the kids from school and getting some shopping in, oh some Affiliates are part time and work in the evening, someone better tell a few of the Networks this.

You might be wondering why I have not said what Network it was, well getting pretty sick of giving them free advice, instead I am going to make this plea, please, please, please if you’re a Merchant pick more than 1 network to work with, Affiliates don’t like working with every Network (and it’s normally the ones that spend loads on offline marketing to convince Brands and Agencies they have a clue, when they don’t), if your not sure on who you should dual Network with please have your program on at least one of the following (in alphabetical order) Affiliate Future, Affiliate Window, Paid On Results or Webgains. As for the rest, sorry but until you stop accusing people of stuff they have not done or jumping in with heavy handed threats with no time to act, then you simply will not be recommended by me. I don’t need your blog sponsorship money, not that anyone can sponsor this blog, yet 😉

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  1. Lee MCCoy

    merchants being on more than one network (two at a push) drives me up the wall. We get duplicated communications via email, the forum and everywhere.

    Then I get moaned at by one network asking me why I used the other network and getting the hump. But I’m sorry I’ve got my reasons why I choose that network – if you’re not up to scratch then sort yourselves out.

    I’ve got nothing to gain (Cough) for switching!

    Some networks to live off past awards. You see it with affiliates also. You earned it last year – doesn’t mean you deserve it now!

  2. Chris

    I often get asked by merchants why I have joined them via 2 networks. After explaining I’ve found that in the past, I’ve been disapproved or left pending for a long time via one of them.

  3. Keith Bond

    I would think that 90% of my affiliate business is done via merchants on the 4 networks you mention above, if a program is dual network and one of them is on that esteemed list its a no brainer where my links go, only time I have a dilemma is when a program is on 2 from the list 🙂

  4. Darren

    Couldn’t agree more, Clarke. This is starting to really p**s me off too. I know exactly the merchant (and network) you’re refering to on this occasion and it’s happening an awful lot. Merchants take note!

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