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At the recommendation of a good friend and fellow Affiliate at the weekend I was told how handy Facebook was to network with fellow Affiliates, Merchants and Networks I deal with. Now bizarrely I had joined in March, signed up clicked a link to add someone as a friend and left (they wanted to build up a big list of friends as a bet). I had totally forgotten that I was even a member of Facebook 😉

Facebook is basically a social network, a way to keep in contact with friends from all over the world. It also has that little something that I can’t put my finger on just yet that makes it better than many that came before it and some of the business based ones. I suspect that being an Affiliate it is not all about work and we do have a healthy (or unhealthy if you count the amount of alcohol) social side to Affiliate Marketing here in the UK.

Anyway this is just a heads up to say I am currently active on Facebook, so look me up and add me. Just search for Clarke Duncan. There is also UK Affiliate Marketing group started plus from my profile you can view the latest additions to my blog.

Verdict: Worth giving it ago to see if it enhances my business and social life 🙂