Tumble Weed Rolling By

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Well I was never one for posting loads, indeed my average is something like 2 posts a month however since the A4u Expo I been so busy with so much stuff that simply have not found (or is that wanted to find) the time to update my blog. I am sure it’s not been a huge loss however now that things have started to calm down and managed to off-load some of my many tasks (either by automation or delegation) I can once again grace you screen with my point of view on all things Affiliate Marketing here in the UK.

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  1. gadget

    About time too .. lol.

  2. Julie Hegarty

    Did you feel threatened by my flair for writing? Since I started my blog everyone has ‘come out of the woodwork’ lol. About time you got yourself into gear and re-started your blog fish boy!


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