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Every Friday you normally see a bunch of names get recommended by different people as to folk they think you should follow if you like following them, you might just like what these people have to say. Normally the Twitter  message will have #followfriday or #FF in the message.

Now the problem is you have 140 characters, so you normally never get a reason why you should follow and when you check out their profile if they are type of person, like me who is using Twitter for social reasons as well as work related stuff then you could hit on a day when it’s mostly social chat in the profile and think, nothing here for me.

So as a follow up to the post done 2 weeks ago on Twitter Affiliate Marketing in the UK where it was 20 folk, mostly bloggers and networks, this week I am picking 5 folk for different reasons but I have limited it to 5 so I can pick 5 more in a few weeks time (hey it’s a blog article worth reading LOL) and so on, if I you are not listed I am not saying your not good enough to follow, I have just not got around to you yet 😉

@matthewwood – Owner of Bristol based Affiliate company Existem and current Affiliate Conference king. Events news and industry chatter here, if you are attending any a4u event you should follow for insider news and the odd discount also 😉

@Thehodge – At first your going to think, “crazy is king” with Thehodge Tweets but once you settle in, you find a guy that’s involved in Affiliate Marketing in North of England and is switched on to happenings around him the length of the UK, he is also guy behind ThinkVisibility.

@shak – Industry guru and currently a Spotify adviser. What you will find here is often breaking industry news an hour or so before everyone else RT’s it all over the place. He is a well connected guy who knows his stuff, don’t expect any mercy if you are type who talks a lot of rubbish about things you don’t know anything about 😉

@markSmith0 – CEO of TMN. Who said Plc CEO’s where scared to be social, and boy is Mark a social Twitter type of guys, the exchanges between him and his staff are legendary. Travel with Mark as he goes from airport to airport.

@swifty7 – Award wining affiliate type person, very shy, hardly says a word on Twitter… oh wait, shy, hardly says a word, ah no Hannah is the Affiliate equivalent of a gossip, I am pretty sure she will have her own affiliate chat show one day, she can often be fond at the centre of things and can’t think of many people who are not been prompted to reply to something she has said at one point. Was also my EuroVision “how to get banned for an hour from Twitter” buddy, classic evening but I promise not to repeat that ;-).

So that’s it for this time around, 5 different people to follow all with different backgrounds and all using Twitter in different ways. More insights on who to follow on Twitter from Affiliate Marketing point of view in the near future. Watch this blog or even follow me on Twitter if you not already.