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Twitters to Follow in UK Affiliate Land 🙂

This post is aimed at affiliate marketing people in the UK who are new to Twitter, when I 1st joined Twitter many moons ago I have to be honest I didn’t see the point but then very few people I knew used it at that time, fast forward to middle of 2009 and seems the who’s who of UK Affiliate Land is on twitter and it’s a good mix bag of work, social, tips, event chatter and the odd laugh.

Now I am going to take 2 views here, you either are totally new to Twitter and want to get started or you have come here via RT on Twitter or from seeing my Tweet about this blog post, either way you will be off to a flying start or just brush up a few of the missing gaps in your Twitter life.

Getting started is simple, go to and either start your 1st account or login to your existing one. If you’re new complete your profile details and if you been doing it for awhile check that your profile reflects what and who you actually are.

To get started you need to follow the good, bad and ugly of Affiliate Marketing in the UK, now this is just a starting point and over the coming months I will post the odd blog listing people you should follow and why. But this will get you started.


UK Networks (with active UK Twitter presence)


  • a4uexpo –

So that’s 20 to get you started, and how do you find more people to follow, well that’s easy there is tons more people I have not listed here but will in a later post add others worth following. One thing I do with people on my list is, as you see them talking with others via Twitter I jump over and check out the persons they mention in their tweet and if it sounds like someone I would like to follow I add them, it’s as simple as that.

So get started and join your fellow UK Affiliates on Twitter, and feel free to add me!

p.s. I will be doing a few more posts like this soon, so check back if you want tips on who to follow, as  there is  just so many good people that I couldn’t possibly put them all on the same post.

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  1. Chris

    Hey Clarke – thanks for the mention. As for “How to follow more people”, I spookily blogged about this a few hours ago! A great tool called TweetPromote –

  2. Adrian

    Thanks for sharing this affiliate Twitter list Clarke

    1. Clarke

      It’s not a top 10 of Affiliate Twitters, that’s next weeks post LOL 😉 Had to start some place but leave myself plenty of room for interesting people to follow, don’t worry mate you be on one of the lists “folk that take the piss on Twitter” 🙂

  3. Clarke

    @Matt didn’t forget you, your one of my headliners for my next one and besides at the time you where on my draft for Follow Friday so made the choice @a4uexpo or @matthewwood tuff one 😉 didn’t want to make it look like I was sucking up, giving one person all the hype 😉

  4. Elaine

    oh – I’m in good company – me and Matt in the second phase 😉

  5. Clarke

    You know I was thinking 20 at a time, get a bit of easy content on the blog, etc etc.. But instead looks like you all might as well just comment and list your blog and Twitter user ID LOL 😉

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