Google Checkout – Who has been approved?

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Ok so we are two weeks on since the launch of Google Checkout UK and still not all the UK Networks have been approved. Here is the list as it stands.

– Approved and Live on Google Checkout Vendor page.

  • Affiliate Future
  • Affiliate Window
  • Commission Junction
  • Paid On Results
  • Tradedoubler

– Approved for Google Checkout awaiting listing on Approved Vendor Page.

  • Affilinet
  • DGM
  • LinkShare
  • PrimeQ
  • Profitistic
  • Webgains

– In Process of getting Approved.

  • OMG
  • Zanox

So why is it 6 of the Networks are still not approved? I undertook the process for Paid On Results Monday of last week and it took 4 days in total to get approved and a further 2 days before showing on the approved vendor list (they do state it takes a few weeks before the list is updated). Merchants wishing to use Google Checkout UK should first check with your Network that they are approved or in the process and please whatever you do test the Network tracking before making it live on your site, many Networks will not tolerate you introducing a new payment gateway without testing that it tracks for Affiliate sales and you could possibly be suspended by the Network for non-tracking.

I will keep this list up to date should any Network wish to inform me directly or via posting at the A4U Forum.

Note this is not a recommendation for using Google Checkout UK, this is simply a post to make you aware of the issues still outstanding and to keep you updated to the current state of play for Affiliates in the UK.