Grand National Betting

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With the Grand National coming up this weekend there is the normal flurry of activity around bookie sites. I have my own Grand National Betting site and normally rely on my email lists from UK Competitions and Free UK Stuff to bring in a coupe of quid, as I have never really spent any time on the SEO for this site.

This year I have taken a different tack and instead of promoting the normal run of the mill Bookie sites that require people to spend some money before I make a commission, I have been pushing Free Horse Racing Tips via Affiliate Network Paid On Results simply because for the whole of this month they are offer £2.50 per confirmed valid email address.

I have to say it been a bloody good alternative to promoting the bookies this time around, with a conversion rate on the busiest day so far of 56.25% and averaging around 36.05% click to sign up so far this month, that’s about £90.12 EPHC or £0.90 EPC not bad for just an email.

You may be wondering why I am giving away my own Affiliate “secrets” well it’s simple, if I find something that works on Paid On Results for me that others have not picked up on I like to share this because the more people making money via Paid On Results the better 🙂