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I have just re-launched my Affiliate Marketing Blog today, while I have been posting topics from time to time I have not really kept a constant flow of articles mostly because it takes a good bit of time and I never really seen any direct financial reward for my efforts (never having adverts could be the reason LOL) however I recognise that there has been a lot of in-direct rewards and of course it’s fascinating to see some classic articles written a long time ago are linked and referenced by other Affiliate sites and I have  even told by a staff member at one of the UK Networks that my “Local Cookies Explained” article is used by them in staff training, so must be saying a few things right.

However a few things put me off writing articles, as many long term readers will know my grammar is far from the best you will ever see on any Affiliate Blog and indeed could be described as crap, but alias if all you see is words on a page then you probably don’t understand the passion many Affiliates like me hold, so instead of criticising why not let me know and I will fix it, because surely the free information is still valid even if I have a few wording issues 😉

The other thing that put me off was getting told by people, don’t praise so and so they will only use it in their propaganda. But here is the thing, I have always aimed to see both sides, to applauded the good as well as discuss the bad. If you’re just negative all the time it affects everything you do and how people respond to you, so I am going back to my original agenda of being myself, saying what I want and hopefully people will respect that.

But what’s made me decided this; well a few weeks ago I read this post by Mark Boyd, “How do I choose the Best Affiliate Blog of 2009?” and was inspired by what was said. All five of the “best” Affiliate Bloggers in the UK all mentioned me by name at various parts of the interview. During the question “Which one person (in the industry) has been the biggest help to get you to where you are today?” three of them put my name forward and reading what they had to say was a really nice, honestly didn’t know I was such an influence on these people if anything I always felt it was mutual and I was getting out what I was putting in at the time.

It got me thinking, “old timers” know me, but the new guys and girls don’t really know me mostly because to be fair I not been posting helpful stuff like you find on Kirsty’s blog as an example, indeed I am sure it will be her name that will be one of the ones that comes up when people in the future are asked who influenced you, but that’s set to change over the coming months.

So thanks, John, Kerion, Jason, Kirsty and Lee. You have inspired me also, this time I am coming after you guys and will try to be one of the best Affiliate Blogs in the UK, however you guys had to go and make the standard really high, doh! 😉

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  1. Elaine

    Look forward to reading your blog, Clarke – I do like a bit of honesty and straight talking – and I wouldn’t worry about your grammar in the slightest, not when you see some of the comments which need deciphering on the forum!

  2. Gav


    Great to see your blog making a comeback, look forward to continuing to learn from your expertise and impartial views!


  3. Diane

    Fab! Another blog to read. I do enjoy reading this type of blog. It makes a change from the forum too with other aspects getting a mention.
    It was good to see you at the recent Mancheste event too!

    Off to post a link on my own little affiliate rant, I mean blog!

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