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After my blog post last week, Networks Get Your Own Merchant Content Correct. It’s time to highlight yet another thing that annoys me as it’s asked far to often and you would think with all the razzmatazz Networks make about how wonderful their tracking is that the following question would not be getting asked as often as it is.

“Hope you are well. I’m the account manager at xNetwork of xMerchant and I notice that you have been generating a number of clicks but a high percentage haven’t converted into sales.

I couldn’t find xMerchant located on your site and was wandering how you are currently promoting?”

So guys are you tell me your fancy tracking that is oh so great, and the “secret” spy software that knows what affiliates are up to can’t find a plain old link from one of my many sites?

Could it maybe be laziness on the part of the Network, that they just couldn’t be bothered checking or is it as I suspect, they don’t actually check where clicks are coming from?

It would be different if they wrote all your clicks have “no referrer” so we just want to double check but the fact is I don’t hide where my clicks come from so they would know this if they logged it.

Like my post last week, I have hidden who the Network (a different one this week) was that sent this as it’s not about making a fool out of them, it’s about saying. Stop wasting Affiliates time with pointless trivial stuff that any half baked system would know let along a super advanced one that you claim to have. Can we just get on with promoting Merchants please 🙂

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  1. Anon

    Completely agree Clarke.

    P O R is different, but the sad reality is most – not all – network staff are time wasters and will do anything to shirk responsibility. Their lack of knowledge about affiliate marketing astounds me and practically every affiliate I speak to. If only there were more network staff who could be ‘bovvered’ about things, rather than just focusing on scarpering out of the office at 5pm to rush down to the pub until 1am.

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