New Merchants 19th Jan to 26th Jan 2007

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I thought I would try out listing the new Merchants that went live across all the Networks this past week running 19th Jan to 26th Jan. I am not yet sure if this will be a permanent feature as a good bit of work was involved in getting this information but I hope you find it helpful.

  • Virgin Wines

Affiliate Future

  • Famous Retail
  • Henoo
  • Jumbogo
  • Mobile Rainbow
  • PCIQ – The National Network of Local Computer Experts
  • Phones On Finance
  • The Toy Farm

Affiliate Window

  • Fusion Retail
  • Next
  • Redten Internet
  • Unpackaged Holidays


  • Etribes
  • Media People
  • PartyPoker
  • Unfair Bank Charge

  • Barclays First Additions Current Account
  • Barclaycard Student Credit Card

Commission Junction

  • EasyVan

Online Media Group

  • Barclaycard Student Credit Card
  • Firstplus Secured Loans

Paid On Results

  • 24 Hour Loans
  • Treat Her


  • British Condoms
  • Dr Gillian McKeith
  • Sainsbury’s Contact Lenses
  • Under Five Pounds


  • Bonprix UK

As you can see that is a lot of new Merchants to pick from this week!