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Lets start by saying for the relatively short time before Christmas that the site went live it has done rather well. I was starting to think it would never see the light of day when Glasgow City Council’s legal eagles got involved and tried to stop the project for fear that parents might buy something from an online retailer and take it back to the school looking for a refund, honestly I was laughing as much as I was in disbelief that a mountain of red tape was chucked in my direction.

However I handled it, instead of caving in to the landslide of questions and challenges I came back to them with quotes from the Scottish Schools (Parental Involvement) Act 2006. Who would have guessed that I understood the law better than the lawyers at Glasgow City Council, anyway they agreed that I was indeed correct and could go ahead with the site but asked that I put into the site that they where not responsible for what people did because of using the site, fair enough as I had put the School and Parent Council in the disclaimer anyway. I would like to add that to be fair to Glasgow City Council Legal dept they have to look out for the best interest of the school and the council and it was probably just a lack of understanding in what we where doing.

With the site finally live all was going well, at last count it’s made about £400, ok it’s not a lot for your average Affiliate but it’s a nice additional source of income the school would not have had. Most of it seems to come via Amazon, Paid On Results and Affiliate Window and no before you ask I have added all Networks bar 2.

So if you’re an Affiliate and you have a kid at school, think about copying what I have done and give something back, only major issues is even getting a basic site like this live takes some of your time but you get a nice feeling from helping others out and my biggest issue just now is finding time to remove the Merchants that are now closed and adding new ones, plan to give it a good spring clean this April.

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  1. Lyndon

    As a parent governor at two schools (as well as an ICT tech in one of them) I can certainly sympathise with the red-tape.

    One of the head teachers loves online shopping so would jump at the chance to get something like this – the only problem being that there aren’t enough hours in the (work)day to setup and keep up to date with expiring merchants, we’re far too busy replacing smashed up mice and keyboards 😉

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