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I would like to say a quick word of thanks to Elaine, Dave and Our Kev at Children’s Rooms for providing some items for my son’s school Christmas Fund Draw, one of the lady’s in the office wrote to me to say “the parcel was fab! a fairy princess single bed set complete with curtains, fifi single bed set, a thomas the tank sleeping bag and a princess sleeping bag.”

Cheers to everyone at Children’s Rooms however that was to much, but sure be a couple of delighted children when they win one of these and funds raised will be going towards stuff like free school trips for every child regardless of parents income, musical equipment and arts and crafts materials to name but a few things. It’s the first time ever that my son’s school has received a donation from outside the local area, and now that the Council Lawyers have finally given the full go ahead for the Affiliate based shopping portal we hope that if that becomes successful with the parents, staff, family, friends and local community that maybe next year we can ask a couple of other retailers for a donation.

P.s. I know a couple of other people are sending in something, I will be posting thanks to each on an individual bases, you might as well get a link or 2 in return for your good efforts 🙂