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It’s time to reveal a major new venture that is being undertaken by several leading Affiliates. House Price Spy was established a couple of years ago, however at the end of last year the decision was taken to expand the site’s horizons and see if House Price Spy could be made into a major force in the “house price information” arena. At this point I struck on the idea of finding out what would happen if you put together a number of leading Affiliates who each have strengths in different areas.

I contacted a few people to see who was interested and was very surprised to find keen support straight away, in fact so many were interested that I had enough people without even getting to talk to everyone I thought might be interested, who needs Dragon’s Den LOL

The goals of House Price Spy are probably as straight forward as it gets, to be the number one site in its area: attract 1 million members interested in property and of course generate good returns for the shareholders.

Months of work have been dedicated to making the new House Price Spy website, so check it out. Over the coming 2 weeks you will hear from a number of the other shareholders involved in this project, so for just now I am keeping it ‘hush hush’ as to who they are, you will just have to check out the blogs to find out who they are as they reveal themselves one by one!

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  1. Jason Dale

    Looks good… a lot better when you tried to extract cash out of me (LOL)!

    Wish you a lot of luck with it!!

  2. David Fiske

    Out of interest, how do you divvy up the work and rewards between all shareholders? Presumably some people put more effort in than others?

  3. Chris

    I love the idea and i love how the data goes right down to the street i’m on and i can see how much my neighbour paid for their house… don’t know if it’s accurate but it’s a great idea and looks really nice

  4. Clarke

    Hi David, the input to the project shareholders give is entirely up to them; however we are tapping in to different people’s skill set for the greater good of the site and so far everyone been very helpful on the front. The company has staff working for it, and will down the line get more. With regards to rewards this was worked out in advance but it will be no surprise that dividends are done based on your share holding and of course if some financial institution thinks it’s a tip top site with the kind of audience they want to tap in to and buy us down the line then any sale will be split based on shareholding.

  5. Max

    Very impressive site.

    Will be interesting to see how it does 🙂

    What do you think or know is the area where most money can be made on house price info sites ?

  6. OLBG

    Looks really nice – well done

  7. Ash

    Very nice, i’ll be sure to signup and use it in my day job (Letting Agent)

  8. James

    Congratulations Clarke and the others involved. The site looks great and I’m sure it will be a huge success.

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