New Theme to Replace the Broken One!

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My Affiliate Marketing Blog has a new look 🙂 . After breaking it last week during a security patch update David my designer at UK Internet Sites has come up with a new look. Not sure about the chair on the top-right hand side but it was my fault for saying, “just do a blog design like the ones we have for the other sites, change the colours and give me a logo” but hey main thing is I am now away from the default wordpress design that is often the hallmark of a blog that’s just went live.

Now to get on with the harder task of writing decent articles that people actually want to read!

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  1. John Lamerton

    Liking the “Big Chair” mate – Looks like a cross between Ronnie Corbett and the bear from Bo Selecta sat in Jimmy Saville’s chair in the Simpsons living room!

  2. Jason Dale

    Your logo…. it’s erm (look for something polite to say)…. interesting!


  3. John Cronin

    hehe …yep, it’s the Bo Selecta bear.

    But a logo like that is something you don’t see so often on the myriad of SEO/affiliate blogs that we all read so it does make your blog standout a bit.


    John C

  4. Richard

    The new theme looks great, its amazing what a difference it makes. Nice job

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