Astrobingo Winners Ticker

Today the Astrobingo Winners Ticker was made live by Paid On Results, designed for the exclusive use by Paid On Results Affiliates when promoting Astrobingo. The idea for this came about a good while ago, but due to the workload faced by the technical department in getting the new Merchant Interface live and the upgrade to the Affiliate interface live it meant projects like this had to sit on the back burner for a little longer than we would have liked.

Now the good part if your a Merchant

The total cost to Astrobingo to get this live ran in to the hundreds of nothing! That’s right as Paid On Results are one of the Affiliate Networks for Astrobingo (our Merchant partner if you like) and we like to give the Affiliates promoting our programs additional tools that will help get additional exposure and increase sales, so we didn’t charge anyone for the developing of these projects, we swallow the full costs involved.

Can you do this for my program?

The criteria for Merchants getting this kind of special attention is simply that they are dedicated to working with your Affiliates and they have already proven themselves via the multiple of opportunities we provided all Merchants from the get go, do that and we will happy develop new creative and systems. So if your a Merchant that has an idea for something that your sure will help you generate additional sales, you should be speaking to Paid On Results, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain by working with the best in the industry!