Next Generation of Content Units

Today Paid On Results launched a new website at to showcase the new range of next generation content units developed exclusively in-house for Affiliates and Merchants for Paid On Results.

The site allows you to experience the huge range of different option available, and lets you test out different sizes, styles and ways to view each of the content units currently available. The sites has been synchronised with the Affiliate Control Area so as Paid On Results bring out more advanced content units for Merchants and Affiliates, you will also be able to view and play with them at

As your probably going to visit I best leave it for the site to explain it all in more detail. Below is just one of the many possible content units you can make with the system.


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  1. morleymouse

    Hi Clarke,

    When I first saw these I was very impressed, and still am by everything that POR are doing to help affiliates and build POR up. From an affiliate and merchant point of view I sometimes wonder where the merchant override goes, and with some networks its some guys back pocket – from the development and sheer dedication by yourself and everyone at POR its clear it doesn’t with you guys.

    Its tools like this that really do help smaller affiliates, or to be more accurate less techie affiliates bring new technology to their site in a way that’s useful to both them and their visitors. A very big well done, POR’s really coming along and has my up most respect as a network.

    Anyone who knows me will know I don’t suck up so this is a genuine well done!

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