Euroffice Ink Selector

The Euroffice Ink Selector content unit is now exclusively live on Paid On Results.

I am very pleased how this has turned out, the one above is the 468 wide version but my favourite is the 600 wide one. I have written a post about this new content unit over at Affiliates4U, so save me repeating myself click here to check it out.

It’s been tested on both PC and MAC across 7 different browsers and is working well. The great thing about this step forward in content unit technology is that we will be able to apply much of the new things we have learned to the future content units of other Merchants on the Paid On Results Network all at no extra cost to the Merchant. Merchants if you fancy offering Affiliates more than just boring old banners, why not think about joining Paid On Results.

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  1. Sebastien

    When you have a new programme on Paid on Results do you always present it on your blog?

  2. Clarke

    No, only when something of major interest to Affiliates, such as with this example. The Euroffice content unit is cutting edge stuff and a lot of people will be interested to know about it. However if you want a complete list of all the new programs on Paid On Results then you should visit the merchant list at the website.

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