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It may be news to some Affiliates, most Merchants and Agencies but did you know that 3 years ago Paid On Results launched a deep linking tool that allows Affiliates to browse any Merchants website, click a button on their browser IE and Firefox, that doesn’t need a browser plug-in to work and instantly create a deep link that you can then customise and use straight away.

With Paid On Results having innovated in this area some 3 years ago, should you as an Affiliate, Merchant or Agency not be thinking, as others bring out their tools several years later, “If these guys at Paid On Results are so cutting edge, bringing out the right tools that remain the best available 3 years later, what else do they offer that you don’t know about?”

Isn’t it time you found out why Paid On Results could be very good for your online business, the top Affiliates already know we are and they want to work with us more as we have the tools they need to make programs more successful, they just need Merchants and Agencies to catch up and see how switched on and in touch with Affiliates we are.

See it in action on this example flash demo of the Deep Link Generator Tool.

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  1. Joe Connor

    It takes longer to watch the video than it does to just do it! Nice one guys, it’s far and away the best deeplinking tool around.
    There’s a few merchants on TD for which you have to download an excel spreadsheet, run macros, paste in URL and it generates a URL, well sortof, sometimes, if you’re lucky – and it might track too!

  2. Chris

    Yes I am aware, but I wasn’t aware you brought it out 3 years ago mate! Thats shocking!

    I found it a 2 months ago, and have since used it a number of times. One of the most useful tools around IMHO.

    I think sometimes POR don’t shout enough as they certainly dont get the recognition deserved for innovation!

  3. Ash

    Agreed its a superb tool, i think i’m right in saying you were one of the first to introduce a voucher code tool aswell.

  4. Matt Bailey

    Hi Clarke,

    Instead of bemoaning the fact that agencies and merchants are not “switched on” enough and imploring them to “catch up”, maybe you should be spending more time going out and telling them about your undoubted plus points?


  5. Clarke

    Totally Agree Matt and this post is part of it, you have now read it and now know about it. So clearly it is worth shouting about our advanced system some more. One problem Paid On Results suffers from is that some Agencies who claim to understand Affiliate Marketing will not actually meet with and discuss what we have to offer but instead have pre-made ideas and that’s a real shame for their clients and this is what we need to challenge and if Agency won’t speak to us directly then way forward it to approach the clients direct and let them know what we offer and leave it to the client to ask, “why did you not brief us on what Paid On Results can do for our business?”

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